My name is Major Hayden and I’ve been an amateur radio operator in the United States since 2017. I really enjoy meeting new people on the radio and tinkering with my equipment to extend my reach.

My interest in amateur radio started when I attended the Overland Expo in 2018 and listened to two hams talk about how radio communication helped them have fun but also allowed them to help with safety for public events. I’ve written a long FAQ on my blog about my experiences so far.


My mobile radio is a Kenwood TM-D710GA with Comet 2m/70cm antennas. At home, I have an ICOM IC-746 (heavy, but great) and an ICOM IC-7300. My home antennas include a 6m dipole, 20m end fed half wave (EFHW), and a Buddipole that covers 2m to 80m.


You can send me an email, tweet me on Twitter, or find me on Libera IRC as mhayden.